Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Single Girl's Ramen

Last night I had Ramen noodles for dinner, yeap that's right like the 99¢ package of sodium enriched, dried out, curly noodles.  But you know what, it was darn good!  The hubs was playing tennis so I didn't have to cook for two, just for myself and I had already taken my bra off  it was cold outside so I wasn't leaving the house, project single girl dinner with ingredients on hand it was.  I found: 2 cremini mushrooms, 1/2 an onion, about 3 inches of usable zucchini and an egg.  DELICIOUS - okay maybe not at first read, but believe me this came out good, like I am planning on making it again good.  I boiled the noodles in water as directed for about 2 minutes and then drained off half of the water, and put the pan back on low heat and separated the noodles with a fork and stirred in the mushrooms, zucchini and onion which I had thinly sliced.  Then I sprinkled about half of the "beef flavoring" in the pan and gave it a good stir.  AND THEN - the piece de resistance (I don't know how to really spell that but it sounds French in my head) I made a little well in the middle of the pan, cracked an egg into it and put the top on.  90 seconds later, the white was set the yolk still looked a little runny and I was ready for the Ramen experience!  I poured it all into a bowl and dug in with a spoon and fork...the egg yolk made a nice sauce over the noodles and veggies and since I had sliced the veggies thin they were cooked just enough, but still retained their flavor.  I am already thinking of what ingredients I will mix into my Ramen next time - and I'll be sure to take a pic.  

Do you like Ramen?  What is your go to single girl dinner?  Ramen may have just taken over tomato soup and grilled cheese for me...And please don't say salad, that is a boring skinny b answer...unless you really like salad, in which case I don't believe you...

Sincerely Loving Food,

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  1. well, i do really like salad. but definitely not my go to alone dinner. its either breakfast foods or my latest that i got from a running friend. i get tired of eating meat, and she recommended tempeh. so i use that pan seared with soy sauce, brown rice, a frozen mixed veggie pack (or whatever i have), and topped with an egg like you. very similar!