Thursday, December 6, 2012

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas!

Toys in every store!
 There are festive mantles

And GT Santas

the best kind

Christmas Trees all a glow

man someone should put a skirt on that tree...

And more Santas

I just love this time of year, putting out all the decorations, fun times with friends, eating so much my pants don't fit, never mind who said that, wine at every party...tonight is my tennis teams' ornament exchange.  It is always such a fun time and usually there is one more bottle of wine than attendee so it is really fun and we play dirty Santa with ornaments - I hope I get a good one.  I am making brie baked in puff pastry with nuts and brown sugar - so good, especially with a glass of merlot.  What is your favorite Christmas party?  
Sincerely Loving Food,

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  1. hope yall had fun at the party! your house looks great!!