Thursday, July 29, 2010

Learning Experience or Failure...

Well, I really wanted to have this great post for you today.  I bought bone in, skin on chicken breasts, soaked them in buttermilk over night and fried them to "perfection" which was actually I fried them a little longer, the outside got a little too brown and I finished them in the oven to ensure I didn't get sick.  In the end it wasn't the golden fried chicken I had dreamed of, but the meat did have a decent flavor and it was an ok, but not great dinner.  Next time I will change a few things, hopfully obtain that golden friend goodnes and then present you with a way to make that perect fried chicken.
Still learning,

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  1. I always under-estimate cooking time with bone-in meat, it’s a lot of mass there. The secret is not to crowd the meat. A few other tricks I’m sure you know: don’t be afraid of the oil ½ a cup at least, a good 350F oil keeps the chicken from adsorbing oil and allowing the chicken to warm to room temperature makes for a more even cook.