Thursday, June 2, 2011

Easy Cheater Meal

I have written before about my love for Chinese food, it's like my favorite - stir fry, dim sum, egg rolls, lo mein...I love it all!  Tonight we are having Chinese food and I am super pumped!  Have you tried these:

I think they are pretty good!  I mean not like the best Chinese Food I've ever had or anything, but considering they $7 and take like all of 8 minutes to make and only gets one pan dirty in the process, I call it a winner!  Tonight we are trying the Beef with Broccoli.  Last time we had Kung Pao Chicken and it was good, so I am excited to try a new one.  I have some Kroger Premium Select Brand Crab Rangoons (pretty delicious) which bake in the oven for like 10 minutes chilling in my freezer so I think those will be our appetizer - fancy, huh?

I know this isn't the most impressive meal ever, but sometimes you I have like 58 thank you notes to write and not alot of time to make dinner so I gotta do what I gotta do.  And if you are going to take a short cut in my as well bein the realm of your favorite cuisine, right?  Do you turn to the freezer section when you need a quick dinner?  What is your easy meal favorite?  What is your favorite international cuisine?

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  1. i’ll be honest…i skip the freezer section now. if i want quick its breakfast for dinner or a salad. of course my fav international is lebanese :)