Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Stolen Recipe Success

The number one question people ask me is where I get the ideas/inspiration for my recipes.  Well, I read food blogs and watch Food Network like a crack addict. Today I am sharing with you 3 links to things I have made recently that were huge successes.  This first is an awesome Steakhouse Burger made by Josie at Pink Parsley; then one of the best breakfasts I have ever had: a Croque Madame by Jessica at The Novice Chef; and the last is a delicious Steak Arugula salad by (my idol) The Barefoot Contessa.

I first saw this Steakhouse Mushroom Burger on Pink Parsley and then again when The Pioneer Woman featured her a couple of weeks later.  I knew that the husband would LOVE this and who am I kidding – I would too!  I didn’t have all the ingredients for the Creamed Spinach Sauce so I left it off and we used normal buns instead of Texas Toast, but it was still delicious.  Other than that I followed her recipe, and man was this good!  Check out Josie’s blog – I really need to get some photography tips from her!  Sorry this picture is terrible - I forgot to take one till I was half way done...woops!

Jessica at The Novice Chef posted this amazing Twist on a Croque Madame back in November. Coincidentally the FH and I had just registered for a waffle maker – well we got the waffle maker and this little gem was the first thing we made with it.  DELICIOUS!  Jessica is too funny – you should add her blog to your reader!

Finally, I LOVE Ina Garten.  Whenever I have an ingredient I want to use or the beginning of an idea I always check out her recipes for what to do.  Our friends, Joey and Crystal, gave us an AMAZING wedding gift – a ton of stuff from Omaha Steaks!  Earlier this week I pulled some filets out of the freezer and went to to see what ideas Ina had for them.  I selected this grilled filet and arugula salad – freaking delicious!  Served with a little bruschetta – it was the perfect summer dinner!  And oh yeah, I used pecorino instead of parm because I am cheap, but it was still so, so good!

I hope you enjoy these recipes!  And I am looking for blogs to add to my reading list, please let me know about your favorite blogger, TV personality, and recipe!
Sincerely Loving Food,

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