Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Scenes

I am so excited about Christmas!  I mean its the most wonderful time of the year!  I thought I would share with you a few scenes that put some jingle in my jangle every day, and pick your brain for some ideas. 

We hung up lights on Sunday here is the semi-finished result:
First of all that little bit of lights on the left hand side is a pretty bird house that came with lights on it.  We have already moved that to the porch so you can see it better.  Besides that, sports guy and I both agree we need something else, but we aren't sure what that something else is.  Maybe some light up reindeer in the yard playing reindeer games?  I tried convincing him to get on the roof and line it in lights, but that ain't happening.  I mean I love the icicle lights on the porch, but I feel like we need something else.  Any ideas?

I am totally happy with the mantle in our bedroom
 I have had the PEACE stocking holders for years (Target) and I got the stockings from Pottery Barn this year and I LOVE them! (I was going to link over, but they are sold out and I can't find them anymore, sorry)  Paired with some greenery and lights it is so festive!

I made this center piece from 2 old wine bottles, an old beer bottle, spray paint, spray adhesive, epsom salt and some "pretty crap" from Hobby Lobby.  Please disregard the current beer bottle in the foreground and brown paper bag in the background...
I am so happy with how this turned out.  It was super easy to do; I found the step by step instructions on Cleverlyinspired via Pinterest.  Complete cost was under $13 (I already had the silver balls, white table runner, and beads).  I will tell you one thing not included on the step by step: take the labels off the bottles!  I tried a few with labels left on and you can totally see them through the paint, but let's be honest not a big deal - I just grabbed a few more empty bottles out of the recycling bin (its like a never ending supply there) and started over!

Finally in case you are wondering about Ralph, he is growing, and he is a fast learner he is playing fetch and going potty outside!  The pictures below were taken exactly a week apart in front of our couch. 
8 weeks old:
9 weeks old:
Oh Ralph you are growing like a weed!  Tonight we have to take the 10 weeks old pic...updates to come soon!

Sincerely Loving Food and Christmas,


  1. oh my goodness! he has gotten so big already! and the house looks great!

  2. AHH!! I love your cute house! I totally see what you mean about needing something extra. If you can swing some playful reindeer that would be festive, but what about an electric candle or something in that window? You just need some light over there. And btw...i.heart.ralphie. How super cute is he?? Ahhh I love it =)