Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Garden Progress

Saturday I did exactly what I wanted to do.  I went outside around 10:30am after some quality time with my coffee cup and CBS' Early Show: Saturday Edition. I stayed out there until about 7:30pm with the exception of a nooner trip to Lowe's.  It was a super fun day and luckily I had a great companion:
Oh hey Ralph, you are the king of the yard!  My main focus was the top left hand corner of this picture.  As you can see the bushes have grown up all in the fence and in the picture below you can see all sorts of weeds.
I started by pulling all of the weeds that had grown up and then began the task of removing the vines that had grown up, in, through and around the chain link fence.  That is what got me, it was really tough.  I had to cut and pull and cut and pull and then rip out a section and then repeat...needless to say this was pretty tough, but I feel good about having all, most, ok some of the vines gone from the fence.  This is a project that will continue all around the yard, probably all summer long, great.  Once I had the majority of the big bush gone from the fence to the left side I found a large piece of chicken wire half buried behind the old stump.  Well, I decided to remove it so I could finish my landscaping project and remove any danger for Ralph, (this was my down fall) I would hate for him to get tangled up in that one day.  Unfortunately that took up a large chunk of time, lead to some cuts on my arm and removed any possibility of putting in the vegetable garden on Saturday.  However, I am super glad the wire is all gone now and feel good that the area is now "properly landscaped."  Looking at this "after picture" is almost disappointing
because I feel like its not that different, but all the weeds are gone, the chicken wire is gone, the fence is clear and I have to remember that the most important part is what you can't see.  Underneath the pine straw there are now many little seeds all doing their thing, getting ready to pop up and provide the corner with some color.  So, if everything goes according to plan this area will soon be vibrant with a purple butterfly bush, orange daffodils, yellow and pink dahlias and multi colored anemones, HOORAY!  When that happens I will take a picture and show it to you again! 

Sincerely Loving Food and the garden,

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  1. you are so cute. that is my idea of hell. yard work. and you make it look fun. :) can’t wait to see pics of the blooms!