Sunday, April 18, 2010

Leftovers: Chicken Roll-ups

After our Saturday morning activities the boyfriend and I were meeting up to go to the Atlanta Dogwood Festival in the early evening.  I wanted to make us a little snack that I could throw in my tote bag to sustain us while walking through all the great art.  I looked through the fridge at a hodge podge of ingredients from the weeks meals and I came up with a chicken roll up. 

Chicken Roll-ups:
2 Sweet and Spicey Chicken Cutlets (left over from sweet and spicey chicken)
Tortillas, Diced Tomatoes, Diced Red Onion (left over from cilantro lime shirmp tacos)
Cream Cheese and Grated Parm and 2 pieces of romaine lettuce (almost always in my fridge)

Stir 2 tbls softened cream cheese with 1 tbl grated parm and some salt and pepper.  Spread the cheese mixture over 4 tortillas.  Cut the cutlets into small strips and arrange on the tortillas.  Add diced tomatoes, red onion and lettuce to your liking.  Roll up the tortillas and wrap in aluminum foil. 

These wraps were the pefect afternoon hold over served room temperature.  Cream cheese is a base I use with wraps a good bit.  Stirring in parm cheese, fresh herbs or even hot sauce and spreading it on a tortilla gives the wrap a great tangy cheesey taste and helps it hold together.  Here are some of my favorite combos:
cream cheese and  chives or dill with turkey
cream cheese and horseradish with roast beef
cream cheese and poppy seeds and honey mustard with ham

I hope you enjoy these wraps or have some new ideas to stir up your own with whatever you have!

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  1. I never think about using cream cheese as a base for sauces/spread. I like this recipe; it's super easy & a good way to use up some leftovers!