Monday, February 7, 2011

Eating Healthy and Working Out

As I previously mentioned, I am trying to eat healthy and work out on the reg...I usually do really well during the week (veggies, lean protein, lots of salad) and then suck on the weekend (beer, chips and dip, burgers)...I try to tell myself that this happens to everyone.  Anyone?  does this happen to you?  I think it is just so much easier to stick to the work out schedule and healthy eating plan during the week, and then go junk food bonkers deviate from the plan on the weekends.  This weekend was especially tough because my future father in law threw the FH and me a great engagement party with lots of delicious food one day and the super bowl the next day, yumm football today BACK ON TRACK.  For dinner we are having mini-turkey meatloaf  and sautted kale.  If the kale is good, I will give you that recipe tomorrow by the end of the week.

In the mean time check out my friend Elizabeth's blog: Running for Bling.  She runs marathons and raises money for the blood cancer research.  It's a great blog to read and right now she is having a give click away.  haha!  sorry that was a really cheesey joke attempt rhyme.....

Sincerely Loving Food,


  1. I eat horrible on the weekend! I have the delusion that it doesn't count..but then I see my love handles and realize that it does. Haha. You're doing great!