Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The most delicious meal!

Last night the FH took me to Woodfire Grill.  You know the brain child restaurant of this guy:

Who was on this show:

Well to say the least it was amazing!  We each had the 5 course chef's menu, which also included 2 "taste" courses.  I really can't say enough about it, other than you just have to go and enjoy it for yourself.  Here is the breakdown of the courses we enjoyed:
amuse bouche - sorry to say I actually don't even remember what it was...but it was good...I will comment later what it was...I gotta keep you guessing, something with a horseradish sauce...
first course - foie gras mousse, it had some rye bread crumbs on top for crunch which I think totally made the dish.  the mouse was so silky and full of flavor it literally melted down my throat it was just so delicious!
second course -seared diver scallop, I think it had baby argula on top - perfectly cooked and perfectly seasoned, the best scallop ever
taste - sweet potato soup, served in a shot glass.  The fh doesn't even like soup, but he liked this.  It was so complex like it contained every perfect flavor of thanksgiving dinner
third course - seared quail over a chorizo ragut,  it was so delicious the little bit of spice from the chorizo and the quail had a little crunch to it - perfect!
fourth course - lamb shank with truffle risotto, I have no words for this, it blew my mind
fifth course - choclate lava cake,  the perfect amount of sweet to end the meal

We each had a liquor drink when we first got there, sage against the machine, highly recommended.  Then we did a wine pairing with the 3rd and 4th courses.  The wines were perfect and only $6 a piece!  To top it all off at the end of the night they presented us with a detailed menu listing everything we had (even wines and tastes) and it had the date and our names at the top and it was signed by Kevin - talk about service! 

I loved Woodfire and stronly encourage you to try it if you live in or are ever visitng Atlanta!  Have you ever done a chef's tasting menu before?  Were you impressed?


  1. i’m soooo jealous! i can’t wait to do this. and you have the menu, date, and autograph?? awesome! would be cute to frame and put in your kitchen :)

  2. I know! I thought the same thing! I want to decorate my dinning room with framed menus.

  3. That sounds amazing! I have to try that place. I loved Kevin when he was on Top Chef. Guess that means I need to make a trip to Atlanta! There are so many restaurants I want to try there, I could probably plan a full three day weekend based entirely around food.

  4. too cool! i wonder how many restaurants offer this kind of thing--what a wonderful idea. this is where my brother and his fiancee are having their rehearsal dinner! now i'm even more excited!