Thursday, February 3, 2011

For a Diet: Asian Salmon Salad

The other night I grilled these (salmon filets) :

And I put them on top of this (mixed greens, roasted red peppers, almods, seseme dressing) :  

And I am convienced in a few short weeks I will look like this (I don't know her I just googled "skinny"):
Ok, probably not exactly like that considering I am 5'3" tall and have what some like to refer to as "child bearing hips" but hopefully like a slimmer me.  (By the way the people who refer to my hips as previously mentioned are not my friends)  In all honesty this salad was delicious, filling and total fit in my "eat healthy to loose weight for the wedding" plan.  The salmon marinated for about 20 minutes while I was doing my Jackie Warner one-on-one upper body workout.  (which is an amazing combo of cardio and upper body toning, highly recommended)  That was just enough time for the flavors to mingle, but not over power the fish.  I threw the fish on my grill pan, assembled my salad, rehydrated and was eating dinner in less than 15 minutes. Easy Peasy!  If nothing else try the Kraft Asian Toasted Sesme dressing, it is really good.  I used it in the fish marinade and then a little more on my salad.  I do hope you try it all though: lots of flavor and nutrition and not alot of fat and bad stuff, the wedding I mean, swimsuit season will be here before you know it...What work outs are you liking lately, if any?  What do you marinate your salmon in?  Have you had a good salad lately?  Can you suggest any toppings?  I see alot of salads in my next couple of months meal rotations...
Sincerely loving food,
*Neither, Kraft dressings nor Jackie Warner have any idea who I am or that I am commenting on their products and I did not receive anything for their mention here.  I just happen to really like that dressing and enjoy doing that workout on Comcast on demand, and my arms are looking good!

Salmon marinade:
1 tblsp Kraft Light Asian Toasted Seseme Dressing
1/2 tblsp Toasted Seseme Oil
1/2 tsp Soy Sauce
1 tsp Ground Ginger
1 tsp Red Pepper Flakes

Mix all the marinade ingredients together in a small bowel and pour over two salmon filets.  Cover and let it sit in the fridge for 20  minutes to an hour.  Preheat a cast iron grill pan over medium-high and then place the fish on it to cook for about 10 minutes or to desired doneness.
I put my salmon on top of a salad made of: mixed field greens, a sliced roasted red pepper, more of the Asian dressing and some chopped almonds, but it would also be delicious with rice or risotto or in a sandwich...basically the fish is just good.  Enjoy!


  1. Rob and I made salmon the other night with some kind of red wine marinade (I must find it again). It was fantastic! This one looks yummy too. :) My new favorite workout is Zumba which I now do at home on the wii... FUN!

  2. i cook salmon in maple syrup & just a splash of jim beam...yum!

  3. Physique 57! If I could motivate myself to actually do it everyday, I think it would really work well. I mean, Sophia Vergara does it and she looks pretty good :)