Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Restaurant Review: Buckhead Diner

I’m convinced that the best kept secret dinning spot for a foodie is the chef’s counter at Buckhead Diner.   The diner isn’t even close to a secret, the place is hopping most of the time, celebrities stop by to eat while in town and its part of one of the most well known restaurant groups in the country, Buckhead Life Group.  People literally wait over 2 hours to get a table at Buckhead Diner, it is that good.  But, what blows my mind is there are 8 stools at a counter overlooking the grill, garnish station and expo center, and they are usually empty.  Last night they were quoting a 45 minute to an hour wait and the hubs and I walked right in and sat down at our favorite 2 stools in the back with a perfect view of the grill.  The service is exceptional at the counter, like it is at all the tables, and since you are close to the bar I think drinks come out even a little faster than at a traditional table.  Not to mention the entertainment, watching this guy cook anywhere from 2 to 12 steaks at a time along with pork chops, chicken breasts, and any other protein.

Last night we started with the crispy rock shrimp tacos and white truffle deviled eggs.  The eggs were served on a bed of bibb lettuce and the vinaigrette on the lettuce really made the dish a winner.  It was great to have a bit of acid to cut the creaminess of the yolk mixture.  The tacos were also delicious, each one had 5-6 shrimp in them which made for a very healthy portion and the “pow pow” sauce really bough the “pow,” just spicy enough to hit your palate but not too much to overpower the shrimp. 
Side note – my drink is the “Best Wine Cooler Ever” from the specialty cocktail menu and it really was the best wine cooler ever – dry champagne, soda water, lemon twist and St. Germain Elder Flower Liqueur – what a winner!

Since it was my birthday the main dish was my favorite restaurant dish – Steak & Frites – hanger steak cooked perfectly, medium rare, with French fries.  The steak was soo good…as are the fries…I wish I could have them again today.

Buckhead Diner is a winner no matter where you sit, but with a seat at the chef’s counter in the middle of all the action, it’s a food lover’s paradise!
Happy 4th of July everyone!
Sincerely Loving Food,


  1. Great review!! Happy birthday Lainey!

  2. I'll have to put that on my list of places to eat!