Monday, July 8, 2013

The Good, The Bad, The Bugs

The Good – My tomatoes are doing wonderfully well!  I have probably picked about 2 pints of cherry tomatoes and new fruits are still growing on that plant.  I haven’t harvested a purple heirloom yet, but there are about 9 on the plant now and I think 3 of them will be ready at the end of the week; I can’t wait!  Finally these little guys have been my favorite, Bonnie’s Better Boy.  I have picked about 10 of them and there are another 10 or so on the plant.  They are about the size of a baseball and are perfect for slicing to eat with salt and pepper as an afternoon snack (just did that) or good for a family of 2 to each have 2 slices on a sandwich or burger.  Very, very good.
The Bad – I guess it’s not bad now, but it rained like every day for the past 5 days.  Ok, enough of the disgruntled teenager voice but seriously, this rain was out of control.  Normally I’m ok with a rainy weekend, but this was a 4 day holiday weekend and it rained the whole time.  Fireworks were cancelled, BBQs postponed and the festiveness that usually encompasses the 4th of July just didn’t seem to exist this year.  We still partied on the covered front porch, ate hamburgers and hot dogs and set off fireworks in the driveway making the best of it, but I really could have done without the rain.  Thanks to the peeps who did come over to celebrate America’s 237th and my 30th; it was fun, even with the stupid rain!
The Bugs – AHH, these little @*%$#ers.  From my research I think they are baby cucumber beetles which grow on the leaves, eating and destroying them as they grow.  Luckily we got 3 zucchini off the plant before they took over, but I’m scared that the plant is a goner.  So far I have pulled off and squished at least 15 of them, but every time I go back there are more.  And yes, they are gross, think yellow slug with lots of black hairs – VOM!  I hate you bugs and the yet to grow zucchini which you stole from me!
See the little buger right in the middle?
You can really see the damage on the bottom leaves with all the holes.

I think this coming week will involve pulling up the zucchini plants and getting the bed ready for a late summer something, maybe a Japanese Eggplant, a red bell pepper, or some snap beans?  At least I enjoy planting new things #silverlining #lovetoplayinthedirt. 

What have been your favorite summer veggies?  Do you have a garden?  What’s growing well and what’s not?  Do you see the sun today like we finally do here in Atlanta?  I hope so!
Sincerely Loving Food,

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