Friday, August 2, 2013


Everyday the fabulous door man at One Buckhead Plaza 

greets all the little worker bees coming in to start their day with a smiley hello, and on Fridays he really ups the ante by telling everyone, "Happy Friday!"  I really love it, not a huge deal, but just a little something extra to get the day started off on a fabulous foot.  So, HAPPY FRIDAY TO YOU!  And let's take a look back at the four most fabulous things that happened this week.

1. Tuesday I started a month unlimited membership at Blast 900.  It is one of those crazy boutique gyms with a daily hour long work out.  I have been 3 times and I'm completely in love, like one of those It Hurts So Good kind of loves, I am so into interval training kind of love, I might even start juicing for some meals kind of love.  I can hardly sit on the toilet, not to mention get back up,  sorry tmi...but I just remember how skinny my thighs are getting with every squat...I am so looking forward to the next 28 days and all my workouts!

2. Old Navy is having an amazing active wear sale.  I figured since I will be working out like crazy for the next month I should look good doing it. I totally scored some $10 sports bras, $14 tanks and $12 capris!  Budget Friendly!  I realize these aren't like lulu lemon quality or anything...but this girl loves deal! Especially when the deal is cute stuff! 

3. COOKIE BARS holy moly bat man!  My girl Ashley brought these over last Friday for our taco night dessert and it was literally one of the best cookies I have ever put in my mouth AND they are really easy to make.  Definitely a winner!
4. Suits - If you don't know Harvey Specter you need to log onto Netflix and learn, or  He is the best "closer" aka gutsy, witty, handsome, smart, charming, hot attorney, in Manhattan and I am so pumped because SPOILER ALERT after this week's episode he and his side kick Mike are back on good terms, so all is right with the world.  This is the best summer show ever! Fast paced, hot, conniving, smart, just a great, great show. I am counting the hours until Tuesday at 10pm for the next one...

 What are your fabulous four from this week?  Do you love suits, cookies and working out as much as I do?  Have a great weekend!
Sincerely Loving Food,

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  1. i've never watched suits, but that guy is so hot. I think that every time his commercial comes on! I STILL haven't tried blast. And probably won't until 2014, but that's okay. I'll come with you when I do!