Monday, August 19, 2013

Productive Rainy Weekend

Thanks to the rainy, rainy, rainy weather this weekend I was super productive.  Saturday involved a morning Blast session, luck fell my way when I was able to score a Chick-fil-a biscuit at 10:50am (side note - why does breakfast service stop at 10:30 and not 11), I used one whole Mr. Clean Magic Eraser 4 cups of vinegar and half a roll of paper towels making my kitchen so clean I would eat off the floor, and then rounded it all off with a trip to a Buford Highway LEGITIMATE taqueria.  It was called Taqueria Los Rayos, they don't have a website, the cashier spoke very broken English, it is in a building that was for sure a Dairy Queen at one time, and the tacos are savory slow cooked amazing treat served on 2 corn tortillas.  I had the beef, chorizo and chicken - all 3 spicy delicious.  The place is in between Buford Hwy and Clairmont right at the Skyland Rd. intersection - if you are in the area and wanting some legitimate Mexican food you should totally try it out!

Yesterday was about canning and planning.  Planning the meals for this week, a lunch with friends for next weekend (2 BIG sandwiches ham and turkey) and the first tailgate of the year only 2 weeks away.  With a trip to Costco, Kroger and Big Lots in the books I think I am ready for the upcoming challenges.  Dinners this week will be pretty simple because Thursday our friend is coming to town and as a special treat taking us to Bone's for dinner, so gotta cut calories in advance.  Bone's is like the signature Atlanta, man's club, steak house - think wood paneling, cigars and scotch...I'm not really into cigars or scotch, but I'll take wood paneling and a delicious steak any day!

Annie at Annie's Eats inspired me to do some canning this weekend, in honor of Can it Forward Day, so I made this zesty corn relish I found on tasty kitchen and tried my hand at pickling okra that I picked at my friend's farm last weekend.  I know the corn relish will be delicious since this is the second time I made it and if the okra turns out well I will share the recipe! 

Have a great week!

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