Wednesday, May 19, 2010

For a Crowd: Girly Turkey Sandwiches and Easy Dip

Nothing is better than a group of girl friends getting together to celebrate one’s upcoming nuptials. Nothing is worse than said group of girls getting out of control and grouchy because of a lack of food. To ensure the fun and avoid the negative, last week I made some turkey sandwiches and a SUPER easy dip for my girls to enjoy while we were showering our friend with gifts for her wedding.

Girly Turkey Sandwiches
15 Medium Croissants
¾ lb Thinly Sliced Turkey Breast
¼ Wheel of Brie
Red Raspberry Pepper Jam

This is a sandwich so procedure is easy: cut croissants, spread bottom with jam, and layer turkey and cheese. Delicious!

Super Easy “Dip”
8oz block cream cheese
4 tbl pepper jam (whatever your favorite flavor)

Place cream cheese on a plate, cover with pepper jam. Let come to room temperature and serve with wheat thins or pita chips.  The jelly running over the cream cheese looks so pretty.  You can sort of see it in the bottom left corner of the table below.

Okay, so I am almost embarrassed to “publish” these because they are both so easy, but they are both so good.  I set a very simple table with the recipes above, store bought hummus and chips, a few brownies cut into small bites and a simple flower arrangement.   All of the food was eaten quickly, we all wished we could eat turkey and brie sandwiches everyday with out gaining 300 pounds, and everyone enjoyed it…most times, simple is better!

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