Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I like playing tennis. I like watching Grey’s Anatomy. I like practicing yoga. I like going to the pool. I LOVE JUNK FOOD! This is sort of embarrassing to post…When it comes to food I almost have multi-personality disorder: I totally appreciate a dry aged filet, or parchment baked filet of fish, or a bowl of perfectly cooked mussels, all of those fancy foods served at five star restaurants. Many nights I try to make well balanced meals including veggies and not to much starch and all that stuff, but my favorite, I sometimes wake up craving, can’t live without: Junk Food. French Fries, Potato chips, Hamburgers, Brats, Corn dogs, BBQ, I love it, I crave it, and I am lucky that I don’t have a cholesterol problem…Last night was one of those nights, I just wanted to eat something salty, hearty, filling, and totally unhealthy. I didn’t take a photo because I wasn’t planning on posting it…like I said embarrassed…but these nachos were too good not to post. I call them Redneck Nachos, and sorry if that offends you…call them something else…but whatever you call them, they are delicious!

Redneck Nachos
1 C your favorite Potato Chips
½ C BBQ (I used pulled pork left over from Sandwiches)
¼ C Shredded Cheddar Cheese
¼ C Coleslaw
1 tbl Pickle Relish

Okay, these are nachos; there isn’t really a recipe, more of a process…Put chips on a plate, warm up the BBQ and top chips with it. Add cheese and put in the microwave to melt about 15-25 seconds. Top with coleslaw and pickle relish. Keep a napkin handy they are a little messy.

I had a quart sized zip top bag in my freezer of BBQ that I pulled out the day before to thaw (had much healthier ambitions for it), but you could use a store bought variety. I took a short cut from the store: buying the precut cabbage and coleslaw dressing to make the coleslaw. After a long day and with a beer this dinner was delicious. I am not saying it is healthy, I am not saying you should eat this way every day, I am saying from time to time eat some junk food it will relieve your stress and satisfy your stomach!

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