Friday, June 22, 2012

Cucina Viva Review

A new little store has opened around the corner from our house called Savi Market.  Previously on this little plot of land sat an old store called Mom and Pops and it was basically a convenience store that didn't sell gas.  All we ever bought there was beer and ice; it was a little dirty.  Then it closed for a few weeks and opened with a fancy new sign and it was all shiney and they even had some little bistro tables out in front.  Well, come to find out the place is awesome now!  They sell made to order sandwiches, basic groceries and a few "gourmet" items like this risotto
I love traditional risotto and the process of it: toasting the rice, adding wine and broth ladle by ladle until it is the perfect consistency and all of that, but for a week night this little pouch of flavor that you just add broth to and simmer like traditional rice was so convenient!  It didn't have as much mushroom flavor as I would have liked, I really really like mushrooms, but over all it was tasty and did have the true risotto consistency.  This quick side paired with easy skillet chicken and a small green salad was a great dinner that came together in less that 45 minutes - I call it a winner!

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