Monday, June 21, 2010

For a Crowd: Man Burgers

As you all know (hopefully), yesterday was Father’s Day. I celebrated this fantastic day with my boyfriend’s family in Florida, enjoying a perfect Father’s Day activity in the sunshine state – grilling out! We made classic hamburgers and enjoyed them with coleslaw, grilled corn, and of course beer - delicious! Even my boyfriend’s best friend who is an extremely picky eater enjoyed this burger, and I hope you do too!

Man Burgers
1lb Ground Sirloin
1lb Ground Chuck
½ Sweet Vidalia Onion Chopped (about ¼ of a cup), can substitute Spanish Onion if Vidalia not available
3 cloves of garlic minced
1 tbl Smoked Paprika
½ tbl Ground Coriander
1 tbl Worcestershire Sauce
½ tbl Ground Black Pepper
½ tbl Kosher Salt
6 Slices Havarti Cheese

While your hands are clean, before handling any meat gather all your ingredients, a cookie sheet lined with aluminum foil and sprayed with non stick spray, and a mixing bowl. Put the ground sirloin and chuck in the mixing bowl and throw the rest of the ingredients (except the cheese) in on top. Mix with your hands being careful not to squeeze the meat as this will lead to tough burgers. When everything has pulled together, divide the mixture into 6 portions and make patties, placing patties on the prepared foil. (The easiest way to get 6 even potions is to divide the mix in half and then each half into thirds.) Cover the patties on the cookie sheet with more foil or saran wrap and put in the fridge for 30 minutes to 3 hours, allowing the flavors to marry, this also helps the burgers hold together on the grill. Pull burgers out of the fridge about 20 minutes before grilling to allow the meat to come closer to room temperature. Grill burgers over charcoal or on a preheated gas grill about 4 or 5 minutes on each side, on the 2nd side add a slice of cheese to each burger after about 3 minutes so the cheese will melt during the last minute of cooking. (This is for a medium burger, if you like them more done leave them on for longer!)

I pulled my burger together with a toasted bun, smeared with a little mayo and added a thin slice of tomato and some chopped lettuce. In addition to the mayo, tomato and lettuce, I also set up pickles and the traditional ketchup and mustard in the buffet line for everyone to use on their own master piece. The burgers were perfect for this family focused grill out; the spices were just enough without being overbearing, the havarti was so creamy melted down over the patty, and the lettuce and tomato were the perfect crunchy, juicy compliment.

From my grill, where red meat reigns supreme, to yours – Happy Father’s Day and Enjoy!

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