Thursday, June 3, 2010

Leftovers: Egg and Spinach Burrito

Yumm…breakfast. This morning I decided I wanted a little more than my normal cereal bar weekday breakfast. In the fridge, I had eggs, a tortilla and some left over Creamy Mozzarella Spinach – instant breakfast burrito. I scrambled 2 eggs and stirred in the spinach right before they were done; placed the scramble in a tortilla burrito style, wrapped it up in aluminum foil, threw it in my purse and had a delicious healthy breakfast at my desk. It only took like 6 minutes to throw this together and it was so worth it! It was so easy because the spinach was already seasoned and included cheese so it was really like 3 ingredients.  Simple and delicious - perfect for the "most important meal of the day!"

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