Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Thing!

I have a problem.  Not serious, not life-threatening, I’m not crying or anything…but I might get fired.  Ok, that was a little dramatic, I’m not gonna get fired.  BUT, I have to find a way to stop looking at pinterest.  I will think I am just going to look at 1 thing, or I just need to check this and then before you know it, 3 hours have passed.  I do love it!  It is like inspiration crack, and I just can’t stop looking!  Have you “joined” this site?  Do you look at it for hours on end?  Have you created boards?  Please let me know I would love to have some more to look at!  
Sincerely Loving Pinterest,


  1. i love this too, and totally agree--i can get totally lost in it! i just discovered it a week ago and have already made 3 recipes. so far i'm just absorbing info--haven't gone as far as joining or creating boards yet.....all in good time. fun!

  2. I had to ask to join... what have you gotten me in to?? ;)