Monday, August 1, 2011

Stolen Recipe Success

Back in June I did a post called Stolen Recipe Success.  I had this great idea that I would do one post like this a week, about a recipe that I took from someone else's blog or TV show, made myself, and thought was a great success.  I am finally making good on that idea, here we are 2 months later and I am finally posting the second installment of Stole Recipe Success. 

A few nights ago for dinner we had this delicious roast salmon from The Pioneer Woman's post titled Pam's Day of Deliciousness.  I left off the asparagus because it's gross I don't really care for it and opted for a green salad instead.  Just as Ree said, this dish was delicious and so easy to throw together.  Thanks again Pioneer Woman and Pam!

*Lovely photo from Pioneer Woman's site

HOLY OREOS!  I don't really have anything to say about this.  Just go to Jessica's site, drool on yourself, be amazed by this fabulous idea, buy some oreos on the way home from work tonight and make this.  Seriously - oreos, pie crust, peanut don't even know!

* beautiful photo from The Novice Chef

What blogs, cooking shows, recipes are you loving right now?
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