Friday, October 15, 2010

All I think about is food!

A few weeks ago I was reading one if my favorite blogs, for the love, and the writer was listing 7 things that cross her mind a lot. Number four said, “I probably think about food 37 times a day…I’m never not thinking about food. Teenage boys probably don’t think about sex as often as I think about food.” I almost screamed out loud, me too I think about food all the time; obviously I do write a blog about it. Well right now, that obsession has been escalated to a whole new level. I am planning events for the immediate future and semi-distant future and concentrating on the food:

1. What am I going to make for the tailgate tomorrow? GT plays Middle Tennessee (never even heard of it) so the game is sort of a yawner, the food has to be great!
2. Next week is my best friend’s birthday and I am throwing a dinner party for her…I am super excited and working on the menu.
3. Oh, yeah I’m getting married in May and deciding on the menu for the reception, no big deal right?

Basically, I think about those things along with my normal, what’s for dinner thoughts almost all the time. Some people get stressed out about stuff like this but I love it. I almost love the menu planning part of an event as much as the event itself. What about you, what do you obsess about? Do you enjoy menu planning or see it as a pain?
Sincerely Loving Food,

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