Tuesday, October 19, 2010

For a Diet: Romaine Shrimp Salad

Last night I had a salad for dinner…yeah its that get in shape for the wedding thing, but I am actually really excited about this salad. It had a ton of flavor and was really healthy.

Romaine lettuce topped with pan seared shrimp, sliced roasted red peppers, a little parmesan cheese and these snapea crisps.  I seasoned the shrimp with a little salt, pepper and grill seasoning and cooked them in a tiny bit of olive oil for about 5 minutes and used peppers from a jar.  Perfect quick cooking for a long Monday!

I found the snapea crisps at Trader Joe’s and they are awesome! They fill that need for crunch, but are way better for you than the traditional crouton. Highly recommended! And I used Kraft’s Sundried Tomato Vinaigrette OMG! If you haven’t tried this dressing and you like tomatoes you have to give it a whirl.
Sincerely Loving Food,

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  1. OMG wish you hadn't have bought shrimp! I am going to turn into a shrimp after eating them saturday, sunday, monday and tonight! and, i did the same thing as you with the salad :) delish!