Thursday, October 28, 2010

For 2: Man Burgers

This is a man burger. 1/3 of a pound; no veggies mixed in; all about the flavor of the meat burger. And just so you know I enjoyed it topped with Colby jack cheese and a little ketchup: like a man! And yes, I know it says this is for 2 and it makes 3 burgers, but take one for lunch the next day, you won’t be sorry.

Sincerely Loving Food,

Man Burgers
1 lb Ground Sirloin
½ tbl Black Pepper
½ tbl Salt
1 tbl Minced Onions
1 tbl Garlic Powder
1 tbl Worcestershire Sauce

Mix all ingredients together with your hands and form 3 patties. Grill over a medium flame (or grill pan) to desired doneness. Enjoy with whatever toppings you like!

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